About Indapinque

INDAPINQUE is premium Ready to Wear brand that focuses on Women’s clothing, every outfit is beautifully designed to serve all types of women personalities, body shapes and every unique feature, but it recently expanded in some Men’s apparel.


The Mission at INDAPINQUE is simple, the brand story is to take women on a journey of self-love, we pride in focusing on the happiness of our customers through our designs.


The future of INDAPINQUE is having Retail stores across the globe, our goal is to ensure every woman owns a piece of INDAPINQUE in her wardrobe, As an African made brand our fulfillment is to expand our store not only in Africa but across the globe.


All INDAPINQUE products are carefully created with solid machines, standard pattern cutting, standard fitting, high quality fabric and finishing. We are a proudly Made in Nigeria brand.


o  Ready to Wear pieces

o   Bespoke Designs for special occasions like Weddings, birthdays etc.

o   FREE Laundry Service for Bespoke pieces after first Wear.

o   Special Alteration service on outfits for just $4.

o   One on One Fashion design Class with our Creative Designer


The brand is owned by Ogundimu Damilola, born 6th of May 1995, at a young age of 10years old, she was already a fine Artist who mostly sketched land-scape drawing, later on she discovered her gifts in Fashion design and started to illustrate dresses full time, she graduated from Bowen University Osun state Nigeria and further went for a foundation course in Fashion Design at ESMOD Dubai, the company name INDAPINQUE was specially created by her which means “Stepping into your fantasy”. INDAPINQUE business officially started February 2020 and since then the team has created beautiful pieces and have great reviews so far.


Our team is ready to answer all questions, help and smoothly resolve any complains, we have a friendly customer service team ready and happy to meet your utmost satisfaction.